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This should reset the connection and you will see the message: "your smart meter is now paired" on . No, we install smart meters at no extra cost to you as part of the national smart meter rollout. The MPAN of your electricity meter and MPRN of your gas meter (this can be found on your electricity bill or on the face of your meter). Find out what to do if you think your electric or gas meter is faulty. For help with changing to or from prepayment, read our guide toprepayment meters. More information can be found here: @James Saunders Hi James. Note: Apparently in some countries e.g. Many months have now passed and BG have has to revert my meters back to standardmeters (same physical meters just in 'dumb' mode)as they can't get the Trilliant hub working. First-generation smart meters have had some connection issues while they weren't connected into the central wireless network that newer smart meters use. The organisation which runs the smart meter wireless network (the DCC) says that almost all of the dormant meters it can identify and upgrade are now connected. Hi Paul, Linking devices to the HAN will be accomplished by pairing them to the relevant communications hub. We worked with Smart Energy GB, the smart meter consumer-information campaign, and spoke to energy firms to compile these tips. I agree with the point about shame no PV so I think we'll also need to do something about that. Do you still think the comms hub will be locked up in this way? (The problem is the new Smart Gas meters do not have a pulse of any kind (no counter wheels, flashing LEDs etc)). I have been having all sorts of problems with my trio forgetting my settings, particularly my WiFi details. It'll provide a running total of all the usage costs since the meterswere installed, or since the prices changed. This info does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it's right for your specific circumstances and remember we focus on rates not service. But if your smart meter stops working in smart mode, youll need to take manual meter readings again. If your issue doesn't resolve itself, sign in to your Bulb account and let us know. Most smart meters have a button to illuminate the digital display so you can read the numbers. The GEO APP seems to work OK communicating with the TRIO II . Around 7% of smart meters in homes are working in traditional mode, according to government data in November 2022. This should have happened by the end of 2022, though were aware that some smart meters remain unconnected. When it does happen it may open up a whole new area of industry as new range of consumer devices become available and start linking with other in home devices, thermostat, heating lighting etc. If your IHD is asking for a PIN code it could be that the device is having connection issues. If so,try moving itcloser to the electricitysmartmeterand turn the device off and on again. If you've paid too much, your supplier has to refund you for the whole period that the meter was faulty. I have just posted a third instalmentblog post about my further troubles here:, Open-source tools for energy monitoring and analysis. In this post I show how any customer of Octopus Energy with a smart meter can see their energy data and do a bunch of stuff like. Finally, a company has managed to provide a means to access data from the DCC network that your meter uploads. jeremfg Thanks, indeed it looks like it is simply a case of having to wait patiently for the right commercial pressures to happen. Soon after, I moved to EDF and because suppliers don't operate a universal standard with these meters EDF cannot remotely communicate with my meters. I can get electricityand gasusage in kwh for the previous day from it, but otherwise it's just bar charts. Set budgets to help you stay in control or keep an eye on your spending in real time just put your smart energy monitor where you can seeit. He got it sorted after about 20 minutes but it make you wonder if there is some sort of inherent problem with the G370's. You didnt and thats fine, but since most people do its still worth doing. For the benefit of those unaware the following is how access to Smart meters works in the UK. This can result in your smart meter losing its smart functions. Hello James, thanks for sharing your blog post and sorry that I must have missed it the first time! This I later found out was not going to be as easy as I thought. I am a data geek and love stats, I am therefore happy to have a digital device monitor my energy usage as long as I am permitted access to said data! If you configure everything else first, connect smartthings and then look in the log you will see an error with the token in, then you can add to the env variables. To cablespagetti - the APIs are still working for me if that helps. Defining a HAN standard in SMETS 2 and the CHTS will provide the opportunity for suppliers and consumers to link devices to the smart metering equipment in the premises. In most instances, we're able to resolve the issue by repeating a service request that had previously gotten stuck. Hi Nick, There is no flashing LED (I assume because it is running on a battery not connected to any electricity power supply and therefore an LED would over time drain its battery). Forum has moved to: I have not hear of iMeasure (I will have a quick Google in a minute), I use an iPhone app called Meter Readings by Graham Haley it is a very good app, nice and clean, easy to use, no adverts, import/export facility and supports multiple types of meter. There are promises of an iPhone app but even this will only get the stats from British Gas's servers (rather than directly from the meters in my house). Submitted by rogerhoward (not verified) on Thu, 20/11/2014 - 18:12. Can I ask if this is still working for you? Hi All, I had the exact same system installed - Electric fitted August 2013, Gas December 2013. . Id be interested to hear about your experience with Smart Meters later. I contacted the British Gas to ask whether it would be possible, unfortunately, it would seem, this is not possible due to a number of security restrictions which have been put in place on British Gass Phase 3 smart meter setup. Indeed the flashing LED is also an option, as it happens I have already written a very similar post to this some while back here: Well be in touch as soon as were able to install smart meters at your home. The communications hub will be required to support the linking of supplier-provided smart metering devices and of consumer access devices: these requirements will be defined in the CHTS. I can understand the user experience of people pairing zigby devices to the meter might be a support pain as well as a security one, so I could see the companies not wanting to go down this path. The E470 supports both Import and Export electricity usage, so one day in the future I may be able to hook up some Solar PV Panels to it. We use cookies to improve our website, follow up on incomplete orders, and show you relevant ads. Has anyone had any success yet? Wrong? Well ensure your home is ready and if were fitting both gas and electricity meters, itll take about two hours. How to re-pair a British Gas (Geo) In House Monitor (IHM). -Check out our plans! We want your smart meter installation to be clear and easy. If you had a faulty old meter, or did not submit meter readings and got estimated bills, you might find that your payments change. WIFI connected easy peasey but as expected it wouldnt communicate with my meters. I have not read it all yet, but the section you have pointed out (4.4) does look promising! This is the process known as pairing, the same process that was used to install your smart meters in the first place! In fact my FIT payment will be receivedby cheque (how last century?). Sensor The sensor clips around the mains electricity cable that comes into your meter to measure the energy you are using. This would be much more easy to secure and given that is software based on a central server much easier to update should they find holes with it. had chat session to BG, this time they hadnt clue what I was talking about But eventually agreed to send an Engineer to fit a new TRIO smart meter Which is where I started 2 weeks ago !!! Once its there they could provide access to consumers via an online account (or API using the same details). This, as it seems, would not be as easy as I at first thought. Not only is the lack of access to my data is very annoying but also, the IHD, just like current clamp energy monitors (such as the Owl) displays an instantaneous consumption value which does not compensate for the direction of current flow in my electricity supply cable from the grid. My BG IHM has lost contact with the Gas and Elec Smart meters. Seven things to avoid when buying and using an electric heater, How to claim your EBSS energy discount vouchers if you have a prepayment meter, One simple way to adjust your boiler to lower your heating bill. You wouldn't want neighbors to tap on that data! And like you it seemed to take ages after the Electricity meter install for them to sort out the Gas. The Pipit home screen will show an Estimated Bill cost for each supply. Most connectivity problems should be resolved when all smart meters use the DCC wireless network, covering 99.25% of Great Britain. The communications hub will be required to support the linking of . Yes, this is precisely whats needed. Page 5 4 easy steps to install 3. If you are affected, your smart meter should become smart again in future. Even if your tenancy agreement says you dont need to ask for permission, its still a good idea to let the property owner or agent know before you request them. Find out more about getting smart meters installed. This means that your smart meter will lose its smart functionally and work like a traditional standard meter.,,,,, rebooted and now data is screwed (timeseries). Your in-home display should start working fully again at this time too. There is also a Mini USB port on the back which is used to power the device (supplied with a 240V to USB power supply). today? I was with them around the end of 2018 previously and I had smart meters fitted and everything worked wonderfully with them. Book an appointment at a time to suit your business. It's easy to upgrade to our smart Pay As You Go meters. They are covered by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling regulations (WEEE), which mean that energy suppliers should collect, recondition and reuse in-home displays as much as they can. Indeed, I totally agree and concluded this post noting that the security concerns may (and should) take precedence over open data. Note: As mentioned earlier your smart meter uploads data via the DCC to your energy provider. Long URL to official documentation:( ), Hi Hertog, They should not have many of these problems. I've just, the Data Communications Company to ask how soon I will also be able to get at my data: The role of the DCC is to provide communication services between smart meters and the business systems of energy suppliers, network operators and other authorised service users. To get smart meters from us, we need to supply your energy. As An Amazon Associate, We Earn Affiliate Commissions From Qualifying Purchases. Thank you for these useful links. My only thought is trying to decompile the Android app or something. However, there seems to be one big difference between the UK and the NL and that is that 'our' smartmeters are mandatory equipped with a so calledP1-port, which is customer readable. I used httpcanary app to create a fake VPN on my phone. the Netherlands a smart meter has a type of serial port which can be linked to via a cable for local read only access. This may be because they use compatible technology or the same brand of meter or have agreements in place. Really hindering the usefulness of this. 22 December 2021 at 10:07AM. Therefore some energy providers also provide their own API via which this data can be retrieved without needing a CAD. Do note, while we always aim to give you accurate product info at the point of publication, unfortunately price and terms of products and deals can always be changed by the provider afterwards, so double check first. turn off the in house monitor, setup a Raspberry Pi running Zigbee and change its MAC address to that of the in house monitor. Energy firm, British Gas, documents the installation of a . So even if someone did managed to connect a device to their HAN it would only work up-until the point where the keys are changed. So, as I see it, none of this will happen and this is costing us 12billion?! If your meter is positioned very high up, make sure you let your energy company know so the installers are prepared when they come to your home. Once you have smart meters, youll find it easier to control the amount of energy you use by setting energy budgets which will help you lower your bills. about, plus tips on how to solve them. It arrived 2 days ago, I think it already had the WIFI module, but I removed it used my new one to make sure. Or is this something which Landis+Gyr may later be able to enable? As it happens, since writing this article I think BG are soon going to offer customers the option of either an physical IHD (In Home Display) or a virtual IHD iPhone app to view energy usage: My 2p, @Turribeach3 Thanks. Referring here to section 4.4 on page 51, in this latest government publication on the matter, One of the government document [Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications] states: Defining a HAN standard in SMETS 2 and the CHTS will provide the opportunity for suppliers and consumers to link devices to the smart metering equipment in the premises., Therefore currently in the UK if you do manage to get a CAD the flow of data is -. Thats more than 3.5 million meters, some of which will have lost their smart functions when they switched. Still work in progress but couldnt have got this fair without your work. As you say an export to CSV facility would be great. I am sure, in time, it will come (hope). Thanks for this. By the end of the roll-out, 99.25% of Great Britain will be covered by the network these meters use. 06890795 registered in England and Wales, VAT No. . FWiW, mist/fog/rain can all affect the transmission range of a gas meter. You have to prod the screen quite hard or use a sharp object as a stylus to get it to respond, reminiscent of first generation Smart Phones, in this day and age of iPhones and super sensitive touch screens it is, at times, difficult to use. I think British Gas can also push updates and settings, messages and firmware updates downstream towards the meters and IHD via the Trilliant hub as well as initiating remote shut off of energy supply to the homes (where people do not pay their bills!). Issues with smart-meter installations and how they work have come to light throughout the smart meter roll-out. Amazon, Amazon Logo, & The Amazon supply Logo Are Trademarks Of, Inc. Or Its Affiliates. If your home is particularly large, or your in-home display is some distance from the smart meter, you are more likely to have problems. If your energy firm is bought by another company, you often become the customer of the acquiring firm too. The IHD can't connect properly to the network in your home. The security around zigbeeaccess is pretty tight so suppliers can still keep you out by pretending that they do not have the wherewith to permit the gateway to connect. The supplier can do some things remotely but if that doesn't work then an engineer visit will be required. However I am not so enamored with the responsiveness of the screen and its menus. Of course it will be better to have a wireless interface with the smart meters but I think a lot of people are underestimating the challenges of opening this interface in a truly secure way that can stand the test of time. Ill try and help though, are you trying to run the glitch app or trying to do something different? I do not have one. Earliest they can come back is towards the end of January, will keep you updated. You can also find your meter reading on your smart electricity meter and gas smart meter. The type you have depends mainly on when you had it fitted. The second-generation meters that are currently being installed dont rely on mobile phone networks - they have their own separate secure network. Check the instruction booklet for troubleshooting tips, and contact your energy supplier if the problem persists. To further increase security British Gas also change the keys, used to encrypt smart meter traffic, every few months. I'm very interested in hearing how you got yours sorted! It also found that smart meters expose people to fewer radio waves than mobile phones and wi-fi equipment. Create public & corporate wikis; Collaborate to build & share knowledge; Update & manage pages in a click; Customize your wiki, your way; fanuc parameter 1860. dls 21 mod apk unlimited coins and diamonds download happymod. I have been testing a pre-production Zigbee SEP 1.1 gateway that purports to solve this problem, ie to give you access to your data. Perhaps the solution for thedata problem is for British Gas to develop an API to allow customers to download their own data. But over time I hope that more features and benefits may be unveiled. James. Unfortunately the gas one hasn't managed to connect and provide me with the information I wanted hence why I agreed to have them installed in the first place. If your IHD is asking for a PIN code it could be that the device is having connection issues. Several British Gas customers have experienced issues with their smart meters. Of particular interest to me is its support forZigBee Smart Energy Profile (SEP 1.1), it was my hope that I could buy a Zigbee gateway or USB receiever and I would then be able to start monitoring and logging my electricity usage on a computer. I do understand this is relatively new technology and there are security/privacy issues to protect but it does seem that, for the time being, there is no interest from the energy companies or government to give the consumers access to their own data. The gas meter was installed as promised on 22 Jan. It is usually red and located near the bottom. Paul; Yes I would also be very interested in your trial, for the same reasons. Also your comment about stifling the possibility of opening up smart maters to whole new industries is also a very good point. Can you only run one IHD at a time ? Why did I bother getting a Smart Meter..? Required fields are marked *. I too am disappointed that I can not access the raw data for my own purposes. My TRIO says NOT COMMISSIONED when connecting to meters times out I had British Gas smart meters installed a few years ago. If you think your supplier has moved you to prepayment unfairly, you are within your rights to make a complaint. Hi John, On the back on the unit is a badge saying "Zigbee Certified Product" again giving me hope that Zigbee is becoming more mainstream. Despite the smart meter and the desktop display showing the feed in circuit option in the menu, it appears this will never be supported by BG. I would be more than happy to do whatever homework is required for a trial and also willing to write a review article on my website about any of your products. Energy firms are only allowed to switch customers to prepay for energy where they have checked that it's appropriate to do so. But it doesnt change the end result In the current state, there is no way to tap on this network without BG providing the facility for compliant devices to be added on the HAN. by Steven Johnson. To disable the Wi-Fi connection for your black IHD3. First, find the reset button on the back of the monitor. If you switch again in future, your meter should also keep its smart functions. I'm an engineer developing the smart metering system used at British gas. However, my meters still worked with the standalone Energy Monitor display unit so I could continue to get a display . If not, check how often your smart meter is meant to send data to your energy provider. Submitting a meter read before the Energy Price Guarantee starts on . And you dont have to send us meter readings to get accurate bills it happens automatically. Whilst the wireless frequency used is currently the same as standard Zigbee it uses a different profile to normal Zigbee use. It is a shame but I am actually starting to find my smart meters more restrictive than their older dumb analog cousins. I dont mind discussing some of it with you (privately through emails maybe), but as im sure you understand, I cant tell you much more about our product that isnt publicly available or standardized I thought it may be of interest over here at Following quite a bit of pestering and waiting I eventually managed to persuade British Gas to swap out my archaic Electricity and Gas meters for the latest 'Phase 3' Smart Meters. But dont loose hope The HAN you have currently support this, so its only a matter of time until the commodity supplier (aka BG) opens it up for 3rd party devices and home automation hardware that support the SEP standard! Its zigbee not Bluetooth, and can only be paired from the provider end, Does that mean the meter end has to connect to the TRIO ? I share everyone's frustrations about sharing date as I also have Hive and BG's customer app which aren't connected to each other either! The G370 and E470 do both have an optical probe (IEC1107)interfaces. I guess there is a remote pairing option and its part of the GB Companion Spec, but I would love to know if anyone has actually got a 3rd party device to pair. Find out if these tariffs are right for you in our guide to the Smart Export Guarantee explained. Always remember anyone can post on the MSE forums, so it can be very different from our opinion. In theory, most of them should have been connected by the end of 2022. Bring it within 15 metres of the smart meter (with no walls between). If interested please respond here and I'll get in touch with you. The ZigBee smart energy profile requires this because the data being exchanged is quite sensitive and private. Software developers at British Gas and Trillaint (the manufacturer of the Zigbee hub) decided to limit the number of devices (MAC addresses) permitted to associate with the hub to 3. For anyone in the UK with solar panels, this is reason #2 for not jumping to get a smart meter. Switch it off for a minute or 2, then switch it back on again. Apologiesthis is a bit late but are you still looking for trialists? I have started off the blog with this initial post on my experience getting zigbee smart meters installed from British Gas. Yes, smart meters are as accurate as traditional gas and electricity meters. If your energy supplier goes bust, you will be automatically moved to another energy firm. So I think there is hope yet, it looks as though there is certainly thought about allowing consumers the ability to connect additional devices (CADs) to the smart meters hub, but these, at least for now, may be trumped by security restrictions (I guess rightly so). Re: British Gas Smart Meters - Part 1. I also can not fault their friendly staff putting up with my constant pestering! If anyone has theTrilliant SEAP-2000-V Hub we might be able to include you in a trial. Smart meters are self-reading gas and electricity meters that show how much energy youre using in pounds and pence so its easy to keep an eye on how much youre spending. we're giving 10m of support to those who are struggling with their energy bills. Within close proximity of the electricity meter, hold down the "OK button" until the smart meter display turns off and then on again. 1) The In-Home Display can't connect to the network in your home. It is possible in the UK to get a CAD - Consumer Access Device which links via the same special Zigbee profile to the smart meter but then converts it and in theory makes the data accessible to the home owner. It sound like you are having exactly the same experience with British Gas as I did. Tantalisingly, on the back of the ecoMeter In Home Display (IHD) supplied with my smart meters, it reads: Zigbee Certified product (Energy). But check your tenancy agreement first. And quite easy so. The Pipit home screen will show an 'Estimated Bill' cost for each supply. My first thought was that this would be as simple as getting a Smart Energy compatible Zigbee gateway or USB device, associating then with the smart meters Zigbee Home Area network (HAN) and I would then be able to read my consumption stats from my meters. Our prepayment customers are some of the most in need right now. So I asked if I purchased a TRIO myself could I attach it, they said YES and they would help me configure it. The smart meters send it to the electric companies servers over a 3G connection. Weve worked across the energy industry and with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)to develop an accessible in-home display for customers who are blind or partially sighted.To find out more about the accessible in-home display and check if we are able to offer you one, please chat to one of our agentshere. Hi Kevin, A CAD (Consumer Access Device) would need to be allowed in, allowed to join the zigbee network in a secure way. If your smart meter has stopped working (for example, if you switched energy supplier and it can't connect to your new provider) this can affect your in-home display too. This can be monthly, daily or half-hourly. Smart meters need to be able to connect via a wireless network to your in-home display so you can see how much energy youre using. 25/10/14 - 12:19 #1. We don't as a general policy investigate the solvency of companies mentioned (how likely they are to go bust), but there is a risk any company can struggle and it's rarely made public until it's too late (see the.

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